1. 撥打警方報案電話-110。
2. 親赴各警察單位申請。
1. 應確實檢查家中門窗已否全部上鎖。
2. 宜請求鄰居、守望相助巡守員或警勤區員警代為關照。
3. 全家人外出而無人在家時,白天可打開收音機,晚上可打開電燈;若能將電燈、收音機配點定時開關之機器,使其時開時閉,屋內有「聲、光」則效果更佳。
4. 家中貴重小物品,宜存放銀行保險箱,或化整為零,藏放在家中隱密之處。


The Taichung City Police Department First Precinct will be providing home security service for foreign residents during the period of upcoming Chinese New Year (Jan 1. to Jan. 30, 2023).
Any foreign nationals living in Taipei City may request the local police to boost patrols around their residences while travelling away. The foreign residents may apply for this security service by:
1. Calling the police hotline 110.
2. Applying for this service in person at their local police stations.
In addition to the home security service provided by the TCPD, there are four tips to keep your home safe while you are away:
1. Make sure you lock every window and the entrance before you leave.
2. Ask your friends, neighbors, or members of neighborhood watch to keep an eye on your house.
3. When your house left empty, turn on the radio in the day time or keep the light on at night. If you can set your radio and lights on a timer to create the illusion of someone home, that will be better.
4. Deposit your small and valuable belongings in banks or hide them in secret places separately.


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